19. september 2008

Sweet sweets for 90 years

Freyja ehf. was founded in 1918 and is therefore celebrating its 90th birthday this year. For that special occasion a new campaign has been launched witha brand new advert that is a mixture of clips that show bits of the best Freyja hasdonein advertising over the years.The advertising campaign will be very obvious in all the media and shops around the country.

03. mars 2008

Freyja adventure Easter-eggs arrive in stores

The Freyja adventure Easter-eggs and other Freyja Easter-eggs have arrived in stores everywhere around the country. They are filled with delicious yummies and, furthermore, every egg no. 4 and above has a lucky ticket inside it. To see if your lucky ticket is a winning ticket simply log on to www.freyjuheimur.is and fill in the number on the ticket.

27. febrar 2008

New Website

Freyja has now opened this new website. It is, of course, a very lively, colorful and fun website. On it you can find, among with many other things, an online store, the history of the company, information about the employees and delicious recipies. We would also like to point out that the Freyja adventure has begun at www.freyjuheimur.is. There you can find information about the characters, what this whole adventure is about, play games, and loads more.

02. febrar 2008

Kraftur - energy bar with banana taste

In the beginning of January, Kraftur, an energy bar with banana taste hit the shops. Kraftur is a good addition to Hreysti which hit the shops last year making Freyja the first Icelandic confectionary to produce an energy bar. These delicious energy bars contain fibers and 10 grams of protein amongst other ingredients.
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